Nebraska Revised Statute 77-2602.06

Chapter 77


Governor; agreement with federally recognized Indian tribe authorized; contents; tribal taxes; additional agreement, compact, or treaty authorized.

(1) The Governor or his or her designated representative may negotiate and execute an agreement with the governing body of any federally recognized Indian tribe within the State of Nebraska concerning the collection and dissemination of any cigarette tax or other tobacco product tax under this section and sections 77-2602.05 and 77-2603.01 or escrow collected pursuant to section 69-2703, on sales of cigarettes, roll-your-own, or smokeless tobacco made or sold on a federally recognized Indian tribe's Indian country. The agreement shall specify:

(a) Its duration;

(b) Its purpose;

(c) Provisions for administering, collecting, and enforcing the agreement and for the mutual waiver of sovereign immunity objections with respect to such provisions;

(d) Remittance of taxes and escrow collected;

(e) The division of the proceeds of the tax and escrow between the parties;

(f) The method to be employed in accomplishing the partial or complete termination of the agreement;

(g) A dispute resolution procedure;

(h) Adequate reporting and auditing provisions; and

(i) Any other necessary and proper matters.

(2) The agreement shall require tribal taxes to be imposed equally on all cigarettes and other tobacco products regardless of manufacturer or brand.

(3) The agreement shall require that all packages of cigarettes bear either a stamp under section 77-2603 or a tribal stamp under section 77-2603.01.

(4) The agreement may provide for the sale of cigarettes not included in the directory under section 69-2706, but only if the agreement requires that such cigarettes bear the tribal stamp under section 77-2603.01 and only if the agreement includes provisions to account for escrow deposits on such cigarettes in amounts equal to and in a manner consistent with the deposits required of manufacturers under section 69-2703 or otherwise requires payment of escrow by the manufacturers in accordance with section 69-2703 and pursuant to section 69-2708.01.

(5) An Indian tribe entering into an agreement under this section shall agree not to license or otherwise authorize an individual tribal member or other person or entity to sell cigarettes, roll-your-own, or smokeless tobacco in violation of the terms of the agreement.

(6) The state may, in the best interests of the state, enter into any future agreement, compact, or treaty with any Indian tribe that is consistent with sections 77-2602.05, 77-2602.06, and 77-2603.01.