Nebraska Revised Statute 77-1359

Chapter 77


Agricultural and horticultural land; legislative findings; terms, defined.

The Legislature finds and declares that agricultural land and horticultural land shall be a separate and distinct class of real property for purposes of assessment. The assessed value of agricultural land and horticultural land shall not be uniform and proportionate with all other real property, but the assessed value shall be uniform and proportionate within the class of agricultural land and horticultural land.

For purposes of this section and section 77-1363:

(1) Agricultural land and horticultural land means a parcel of land, excluding land associated with a building or enclosed structure located on the parcel, which is primarily used for agricultural or horticultural purposes, including wasteland lying in or adjacent to and in common ownership or management with other agricultural land and horticultural land;

(2)(a) Agricultural or horticultural purposes means used for the commercial production of any plant or animal product in a raw or unprocessed state that is derived from the science and art of agriculture, aquaculture, or horticulture;

(b) Agricultural or horticultural purposes includes the following uses of land:

(i) Land retained or protected for future agricultural or horticultural purposes under a conservation easement as provided in the Conservation and Preservation Easements Act except when the parcel or a portion thereof is being used for purposes other than agricultural or horticultural purposes; and

(ii) Land enrolled in a federal or state program in which payments are received for removing such land from agricultural or horticultural production; and

(c) Whether a parcel of land is primarily used for agricultural or horticultural purposes shall be determined without regard to whether some or all of the parcel is platted and subdivided into separate lots or developed with improvements consisting of streets, sidewalks, curbs, gutters, sewer lines, water lines, or utility lines;

(3) Farm home site means land contiguous to a farm site which includes an inhabitable residence and improvements used for residential purposes and which is located outside of urban areas or outside a platted and zoned subdivision; and

(4) Farm site means the portion of land contiguous to land actively devoted to agriculture which includes improvements that are agricultural or horticultural in nature, including any uninhabitable or unimproved farm home site.


Cross References

  • Conservation and Preservation Easements Act, see section 76-2,118.


  • The inclusion of the term "parcel" requires a county assessor to consider the use of an entire tract of land, including any homesite, to determine whether that property qualifies as agricultural. Agena v. Lancaster Cty. Bd. of Equal., 276 Neb. 851, 758 N.W.2d 363 (2008).

  • This section does not violate Neb. Const. art. VIII, sec. 1. Agena v. Lancaster Cty. Bd. of Equal., 276 Neb. 851, 758 N.W.2d 363 (2008).