Nebraska Revised Statute 77-1347.01

Chapter 77


Agricultural or horticultural lands; special valuation; disqualification; procedure; protest; decision; appeal.

At any time, the county assessor may determine that land no longer qualifies for special valuation pursuant to sections 77-1344 and 77-1347. If land is deemed disqualified, the county assessor shall send a written notice of the determination to the applicant or owner within fifteen days after his or her determination, including the reason for the disqualification. A protest of the county assessor's determination may be filed with the county board of equalization within thirty days after the mailing of the notice. The county board of equalization shall decide the protest within thirty days after the filing of the protest. The county clerk shall, within seven days after the county board of equalization's final decision, mail to the protester written notification of the board's decision. The decision of the county board of equalization may be appealed to the Tax Equalization and Review Commission in accordance with section 77-5013 within thirty days after the date of the decision. The valuation notice relating to the land subject to the county assessor's disqualification notice shall be sent in accordance with subsection (2) of section 77-1315 and the valuation may be protested pursuant to section 77-1502.