Nebraska Revised Statute 77-1344

Chapter 77 Section 1344


Agricultural or horticultural land; special valuation; when applicable.

(1) Agricultural or horticultural land which has an actual value as defined in section 77-112 reflecting purposes or uses other than agricultural or horticultural purposes or uses shall be assessed as provided in subsection (3) of section 77-201 if the land meets the qualifications of this subsection and an application for such special valuation is filed and approved pursuant to section 77-1345. In order for the land to qualify for special valuation all of the following criteria shall be met: (a) The land is located outside the corporate boundaries of any sanitary and improvement district, city, or village except as provided in subsection (2) of this section; and (b) the land is agricultural or horticultural land.

(2) Special valuation may be applicable to agricultural or horticultural land included within the corporate boundaries of a city or village if the land is subject to a conservation or preservation easement as provided in the Conservation and Preservation Easements Act and the governing body of the city or village approves the agreement creating the easement.

(3) The eligibility of land for the special valuation provisions of this section shall be determined each year as of January 1. If the land so qualified becomes disqualified on or before December 31 of that year, it shall continue to receive the special valuation until January 1 of the year following.

(4) The special valuation placed on such land by the county assessor under this section shall be subject to equalization by the county board of equalization and the Tax Equalization and Review Commission.


Cross References

  • Conservation and Preservation Easements Act, see section 76-2,118.