Nebraska Revised Statute 76-817

Chapter 76


Expenses; pay pro rata share; failure or refusal; lien; waiver; effect.

The co-owners of the apartments are bound to pay pro rata, in the percentages computed according to section 76-806, toward the expenses of administration and of maintenance and repair of the general common elements and, in the proper case, of the limited common elements, of the building, and toward any other expense lawfully agreed upon.

If any co-owner fails or refuses to make any payment of such common expenses when due, the amount thereof shall constitute a lien on the interest of the co-owner in the property and, upon the recording thereof, shall be a lien in preference over all other liens and encumbrances except assessments, liens, and charges for taxes past due and unpaid on the apartment and duly recorded mortgage and lien instruments.

No co-owner may exempt himself or herself from paying toward such expenses by waiver of the use or enjoyment of the common elements or by abandonment of the apartment belonging to him or her. For condominiums created in this state before January 1, 1984, the provisions on the liens for assessments in section 76-874 shall apply to the extent necessary in construing the provisions of sections 76-827, 76-829 to 76-831, 76-840, 76-841, 76-869, 76-874, 76-876, 76-884, and 76-891.01, and subdivisions (a)(1) to (a)(6) and (a)(11) to (a)(16) of section 76-860 which apply to events and circumstances which occur after January 1, 1984.