Nebraska Revised Statute 76-804

Chapter 76


Condominium property regime; effect of establishment.

Once the property is submitted to the condominium property regime, an apartment in any building may be individually conveyed and encumbered and may be the subject of ownership, possession, or sale and of all types of juridic acts inter vivos or mortis causa, as if it were solely and entirely independent of the other apartments in the regime of which it forms a part, and the corresponding individual titles and interests shall be recordable as provided in section 76-211, except that the use and enjoyment of each apartment shall be subject to the following rules:

(1) Each apartment shall be devoted solely to the use assigned to it in the deed to which section 76-803 refers;

(2) No tenant of an apartment may make any noise or cause any annoyance or do any act that may disturb the peace of the other co-owners or tenants;

(3) The apartments shall not be used for purposes contrary to law, morals, or normal behavior;

(4) Each co-owner shall carry out at his or her sole expense any works of modification, repair, cleaning, safety, and improvement of his or her apartment, without disturbing the legal use and enjoyment of the rights of the other co-owners, or changing the exterior form of the facades, or painting the exterior walls, doors, or windows in colors or hues different from those of the whole, and without jeopardizing the soundness or safety of the property, reduce its value, or impair any easement or access to or use of common elements; and

(5) Every co-owner or tenant shall strictly comply with the administration provisions set forth in the deed or in the bylaws referred to in section 76-815. Violations of these rules shall be grounds for an action for damages or grounds for an action for injunctive relief by the co-owner or tenant aggrieved.

For condominiums created in this state before January 1, 1984, the provisions on resale of apartments or units, violations which effect a right of action, and separate titles for each apartment or unit in sections 76-829, 76-884, and 76-891.01 shall apply to the extent necessary in construing the provisions of sections 76-827, 76-829 to 76-831, 76-840, 76-841, 76-869, 76-874, 76-876, 76-884, and 76-891.01, and subdivisions (a)(1) to (a)(6) and (a)(11) to (a)(16) of section 76-860 which apply to events and circumstances which occur after January 1, 1984.


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