Nebraska Revised Statute 76-1442

Chapter 76


Summons; contents; issuance; service; when; affidavit of service.

The summons shall be issued and directed, with a copy of the complaint attached thereto, and shall state the cause of the complaint, the time and place of trial of the action for possession, answer day for other causes of action, and notice that if the defendant fails to appear judgment shall be entered against him or her. The summons may be served and returned as in other cases or by any person, except that the summons shall be served within three days, excluding nonjudicial days, from the date of issuance and shall be returnable within five days, excluding nonjudicial days, from the date of issuance. The person making the service shall file with the court an affidavit stating with particularity the manner in which he or she made the service. If diligent efforts have been made to serve the summons in the manner provided in sections 25-505.01 to 25-516.01 but such efforts were unsuccessful, the summons may be served in the manner provided in section 76-1442.01.