Nebraska Revised Statute 76-1441

Chapter 76


Complaint for restitution; filing; contents.

(1) The person seeking possession shall file a complaint for restitution with the clerk of the district or county court. The complaint shall contain (a) the specific statutory authority under which possession is sought; (b) the facts, with particularity, on which he or she seeks to recover; (c) a reasonably accurate description of the premises; and (d) the requisite compliance with the notice provisions of the Uniform Residential Landlord and Tenant Act. The complaint may notify the tenant that personal property remains on the premises and that it may be disposed of pursuant to section 69-2308 or subsection (5) of section 76-1414. The complaint may also contain other causes of action relating to the tenancy, but such causes of action shall be answered and tried separately, if requested by either party in writing.

(2) The person seeking possession pursuant to subsection (4) of section 76-1431 shall include in the complaint the incident or incidents giving rise to the suit for recovery of possession.