Nebraska Revised Statute 75-713

Chapter 75


Construction near airports; application; when.

Any public utility, public power district, or other governmental subdivision or any person in this state, before engaging in the construction or alteration of any overhead wire, cable, or pipeline, the height of which is greater than five feet above the elevation of an airport which has been approved and licensed by the Division of Aeronautics of the Department of Transportation, for each five hundred feet of the distance that such construction is or will be situated from the nearest boundary of such airport, shall file with the commission an original application for permission to enter upon and complete such construction or alteration and shall also file a copy thereof with the division. No application need be made when the construction or alteration is within the corporate limits of a city or village and is adjacent to other structures of a permanent character which are of equal or greater height than the construction or alteration proposed. No such overhead wire, cable, or pipeline for which application is required to be filed under sections 75-713 to 75-717 shall be constructed or altered without specific permission granted by order of the commission.


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