Nebraska Revised Statute 74-1331

Chapter 74


Bridges; construction; dimensions; maintenance; violation; penalty.

Any person who operates a railroad in the State of Nebraska shall construct all bridges on its railway so that each bridge over a running stream in this state has an opening below high water line the area of which is sufficient to allow the free and unobstructed passage of the water of such running stream at extreme high water state. If in the case of any given bridge satisfactory proof is made to the Department of Transportation that the dimensions prescribed in this section are greater than are necessary to permit the unimpeded passage of the water under such bridge at high water, the department may authorize construction of the bridge with dimensions less than those prescribed in this section. Each railroad shall maintain and keep in good repair all bridges and abutments which the railroad constructs to enable its tracks to pass over or under any turnpike, road, canal, watercourse, or other way. Any operator of a railroad in this state who violates any of the provisions of this section or who permits any such violation on the part of any employee shall be guilty of a Class III misdemeanor.


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