Nebraska Revised Statute 74-1330

Chapter 74


Legislative intent.

The Legislature hereby recognizes that the State of Nebraska leads the nation in the average number of highway-rail grade crossings per mile and that the State of Nebraska is traversed by a rail corridor that leads the nation in density of train traffic, in addition to other rail corridors in the state that also experience high levels of traffic. The Legislature further recognizes that these factors combine to create a serious and growing threat to public safety which must be addressed in a comprehensive manner that reflects the input and interests of local communities, the general motoring public, commercial highway users, and shippers of agricultural and other types of commodities who rely on rail transportation for efficient, timely transport of their goods.

It is the intent of the Legislature that any state role regarding highway-rail grade crossings, including public safety, Operation Lifesaver, maintenance, design, consolidation, separation, signalization, improvement, or relocation, be consolidated under one agency.


  • Laws 1997, LB 255, § 2.