Nebraska Revised Statute 71-960

Chapter 71


Subject; waive rights; manner.

A subject may waive any of the proceedings or rights incident to proceedings granted him or her under the Nebraska Mental Health Commitment Act or the Sex Offender Commitment Act by failing to request any right expressly required to be requested but, in the case of all other such rights, only if the record reflects that such waiver was made personally, intelligently, knowingly, understandingly, and voluntarily by the subject and such subject's legal guardian or conservator, if any. Such rights may otherwise be denied only by a mental health board or court order for good cause shown after notice to the subject, the subject's counsel, and such subject's guardian or conservator, if any, and an opportunity to be heard. If the mental health board determines that the subject is not able to waive his or her rights under this section, it shall be up to the discretion of the subject's counsel to exercise such rights. When the subject is not represented by counsel, the rights may not be waived.


Cross References

  • Sex Offender Commitment Act, see section 71-1201.