Nebraska Revised Statute 71-961

Chapter 71


Subject's records; confidential; exceptions.

(1) All records kept on any subject shall remain confidential except as otherwise provided by law. Such records shall be accessible to (a) the subject, except as otherwise provided in subsection (2) of this section, (b) the subject's legal counsel, (c) the subject's guardian or conservator, if any, (d) the mental health board having jurisdiction over the subject, (e) persons authorized by an order of a judge or court, (f) persons authorized by written permission of the subject, (g) agents or employees of the Department of Health and Human Services upon delivery of a subpoena from the department in connection with a licensing or licensure investigation by the department, (h) individuals authorized to receive notice of the release of a sex offender pursuant to section 83-174, (i) the Nebraska State Patrol or the department pursuant to section 69-2409.01, or (j) the Division of Parole Supervision if the subject meets the requirements for lifetime community supervision pursuant to section 83-174.03.

(2) Upon application by the county attorney or by the administrator of the treatment facility where the subject is in custody and upon a showing of good cause therefor, a judge of the district court of the county where the mental health board proceedings were held or of the county where the treatment facility is located may order that the records not be made available to the subject if, in the judgment of the court, the availability of such records to the subject will adversely affect his or her mental illness or personality disorder and the treatment thereof.

(3) When a subject is absent without authorization from a treatment facility or program described in section 71-939 or 71-1223 and is considered to be dangerous to others, the subject's name and description and a statement that the subject is believed to be considered dangerous to others may be disclosed in order to aid in the subject's apprehension and to warn the public of such danger.