Nebraska Revised Statute 71-949

Chapter 71


Counsel for subject; rights; enumerated; discovery; appeal from denial of discovery; when.

Counsel for a subject, upon request made to the county attorney at any time after the subject has been taken into emergency protective custody under the Nebraska Mental Health Commitment Act or the Sex Offender Commitment Act, or after the filing of a petition under section 71-921 or 71-1205, whichever occurs first, shall have the right to be provided with (1) the names of all witnesses expected to testify in support of the petition, (2) knowledge of the location and access at reasonable times for review or copying of all written documents including reports of peace officers, law enforcement agencies, and mental health professionals, (3) access to all other tangible objects in the possession of the county attorney or to which the county attorney has access, and (4) written records of any treatment facility or mental health professional which or who has at any time treated the subject for mental illness, substance dependence, or a personality disorder, which records are relevant to the issues of whether the subject is mentally ill and dangerous or a dangerous sex offender and, if so, what treatment disposition should be ordered by the mental health board. The board may order further discovery at its discretion. The county attorney shall have a reciprocal right to discover items and information comparable to those first discovered by the subject. The county court and district court shall have the power to rule on objections to discovery in matters which are not self-activating. The right of appeal from denial of discovery shall be at the time of the conclusion of the mental health board hearing.


Cross References

  • Sex Offender Commitment Act, see section 71-1201.