Nebraska Revised Statute 71-921

Chapter 71


Person believes another to be a mentally ill and dangerous person; notify county attorney; petition; when.

(1) Any person who believes that another person is mentally ill and dangerous may communicate such belief to the county attorney. The filing of a certificate by a law enforcement officer under section 71-919 shall be sufficient to communicate such belief. If the county attorney concurs that such person is mentally ill and dangerous and that neither voluntary hospitalization nor other treatment alternatives less restrictive of the subject's liberty than inpatient or outpatient treatment ordered by a mental health board is available or would suffice to prevent the harm described in section 71-908, he or she shall file a petition as provided in this section.

(2) The petition shall be filed with the clerk of the district court in any county within: (a) The judicial district in which the subject is located; (b) the judicial district in which the alleged behavior of the subject occurred which constitutes the basis for the petition; or (c) another judicial district in the State of Nebraska if authorized, upon good cause shown, by a district judge of the judicial district in which the subject is located. In such event, all proceedings before the mental health board shall be conducted by the mental health board serving such other county, and all costs relating to such proceedings shall be paid by the county of residence of the subject. In the order transferring such cause to another county, the judge shall include such directions as are reasonably necessary to protect the rights of the subject.

(3) The petition shall be in writing and shall include the following information:

(a) The subject's name and address, if known;

(b) The name and address of the subject's spouse, legal counsel, guardian or conservator, and next-of-kin, if known;

(c) The name and address of anyone providing psychiatric or other care or treatment to the subject, if known;

(d) A statement that the county attorney has probable cause to believe that the subject of the petition is mentally ill and dangerous;

(e) A statement that the beliefs of the county attorney are based on specific behavior, acts, attempts, or threats which shall be specified and described in detail in the petition; and

(f) The name and address of any other person who may have knowledge of the subject's mental illness or substance dependence and who may be called as a witness at a mental health board hearing with respect to the subject, if known.



  • Under the Nebraska Mental Health Commitment Act, venue is proper in one county even though the alleged behavior of the subject which constituted the basis for the petition occurred in another county, because both counties are within the same judicial district. In re Interest of Michael U., 14 Neb. App. 918, 720 N.W.2d 403 (2006).