Nebraska Revised Statute 71-6501

Chapter 71


Terms, defined.

For purposes of sections 71-6501 to 71-6504:

(1) Activities of daily living has the definition found in section 71-6602;

(2) Attendant services means services provided to nonmedically fragile persons, including hands-on assistance with activities of daily living, transfer, grooming, medication reminders, and similar activities;

(3) Companion services means the provision of companionship and assistance with letter writing, reading, and similar activities;

(4) Homemaker services means assistance with household tasks, including, but not limited to, housekeeping, personal laundry, shopping, incidental transportation, and meals;

(5) In-home personal services means attendant services, companion services, and homemaker services that do not require the exercise of medical or nursing judgment provided to a person in his or her residence to enable the person to remain safe and comfortable in such residence;

(6) In-home personal services agency means an entity that provides or offers to provide in-home personal services for compensation by employees of the agency or by persons with whom the agency has contracted to provide such services. In-home personal services agency does not include a local public health department as defined in section 71-1626, a health care facility as defined in section 71-413, a health care service as defined in section 71-415, programs supported by the federal Corporation for National and Community Service, an unlicensed home care registry or similar entity that screens and schedules independent contractors as caregivers for persons, or an agency that provides only housecleaning services. A home health agency may be an in-home personal services agency; and

(7) In-home personal services worker means a person who meets the requirements of section 71-6502 and provides in-home personal services.