Nebraska Revised Statute 71-6502

Chapter 71 Section 6502


In-home personal services worker; qualifications.

An in-home personal services worker:

(1) Shall be at least eighteen years of age;

(2) Shall have good moral character;

(3) Shall not have been convicted of a crime under the laws of Nebraska or another jurisdiction, the penalty for which is imprisonment for a period of more than one year and which crime is rationally related to the person's fitness or capacity to act as an in-home personal services worker;

(4) Shall have no adverse findings on the Adult Protective Services Central Registry, the central registry created in section 28-718, the Medication Aide Registry, the Nurse Aide Registry, or the central registry maintained by the sex offender registration and community notification division of the Nebraska State Patrol pursuant to section 29-4004;

(5) Shall be able to speak and understand the English language or the language of the person for whom he or she is providing in-home personal services; and

(6) Shall have training sufficient to provide the requisite level of in-home personal services offered.

Cross References

  • Adult Protective Services Act, see section 28-348.
  • Medication Aide Act, see section 71-6718.