Nebraska Revised Statute 60-386

Chapter 60


Application; contents.

(1) Each new application shall contain, in addition to other information as may be required by the department, the name and residential and mailing address of the applicant and a description of the motor vehicle or trailer, including the color, the manufacturer, the identification number, the United States Department of Transportation number if required by 49 C.F.R. 390.5 through 390.21, as such regulations existed on January 1, 2023, and the weight of the motor vehicle or trailer required by the Motor Vehicle Registration Act. For trailers which are not required to have a certificate of title under section 60-137 and which have no identification number, the assignment of an identification number shall be required and the identification number shall be issued by the county treasurer or department. With the application the applicant shall pay the proper registration fee and shall state whether the motor vehicle is propelled by alternative fuel and, if alternative fuel, the type of fuel. The application shall also contain a notification that bulk fuel purchasers may be subject to federal excise tax liability. The department shall include such notification in the notices required by section 60-3,186.

(2) In addition to the information required under subsection (1) of this section, the application for registration shall contain (a)(i) the full legal name as defined in section 60-468.01 of each owner or (ii) the name of each owner as such name appears on the owner's motor vehicle operator's license or state identification card and (b)(i) the motor vehicle operator's license number or state identification card number of each owner, if applicable, and one or more of the identification elements as listed in section 60-484 of each owner, if applicable, and (ii) if any owner is a business entity, a nonprofit organization, an estate, a trust, or a church-controlled organization, its tax identification number.