Nebraska Revised Statute 60-2608

Chapter 60


Peace officer; seize vehicle or major component part; when; disposition.

(1) Any peace officer shall seize and take possession of any vehicle or any major component part, as defined in section 60-2601, of a vehicle which the officer has probable cause to believe is stolen, or on which the identification number has been obscured, covered, removed, altered, or destroyed.

(2) Property seized pursuant to this section shall not be subject to a replevin action and:

(a) Shall be kept by the law enforcement agency which employs the officer who seized such property, or by its designee, for so long as it is needed as evidence in any trial; and

(b) When no longer required as evidence, such property shall be disposed of pursuant to sections 29-818 to 29-821.

(3) Property seized pursuant to this section solely on account of an obscured identification number may be restored to the owner or his or her designee without court order unless such property is required as evidence in a criminal action pending or contemplated in this or another jurisdiction.


  • Laws 1983, LB 234, § 28.