Nebraska Revised Statute 60-2601

Chapter 60


Terms, defined.

As used in sections 60-2602 to 60-2607, unless the context otherwise requires:

(1) Major component part shall mean an engine, with or without accessories, a transmission, cowl, door, frame, body, rear clip, or nose;

(2) Nose shall mean that portion of the body of a vehicle from the front to the firewall when acquired or transferred as a complete unit;

(3) Frame shall mean that portion of a vehicle upon which other components are affixed, such as the engine, body, or transmission;

(4) Body shall mean that portion of a vehicle which determines its shape and appearance and is attached to the frame; and

(5) Rear clip shall mean two or more of the following, all dismantled from the same vehicle: A quarter panel or fender, floor panel assembly, or trunk lid or gate.


  • Laws 1983, LB 234, § 19.