Nebraska Revised Statute 55-181

Chapter 55


Department; contract with Nebraska Wing of Civil Air Patrol; purposes; funding agreement.

The Military Department may contract with the Nebraska Wing of the Civil Air Patrol, the civilian auxiliary of the United States Air Force, for the following purposes:

(1) To encourage and aid American citizens in the contribution of their efforts, services, and resources in the development of aviation and the maintenance of aerospace supremacy;

(2) To encourage and develop, by example, the voluntary contribution of private citizens to the public welfare;

(3) To provide aviation and aerospace education and training;

(4) To foster and encourage civil aviation in local communities throughout the state; and

(5) To assist in meeting emergencies within the state.

The Division of Aeronautics of the Department of Transportation and the Military Department shall enter into an agreement that will continue the funding of the contract under this section from the Aeronautics Cash Fund in an amount equal to the appropriation by the Legislature for such purpose.