Nebraska Revised Statute 54-2948

Chapter 54


Livestock; official identification; compliance with federal regulations; device or method; use; device removal, prohibited; exceptions.

(1) Livestock imported into Nebraska shall comply with federal animal disease traceability requirements for official identification of animals as set forth in 9 C.F.R. part 86, as such part existed on January 1, 2020, which the Legislature hereby adopts by reference. If there is an inconsistency between such federal regulations and the Animal Health and Disease Control Act, and any adopted and promulgated rules or regulations or order issued by the department, the requirements of the act, rules or regulations, or order control.

(2) An official identification device or method may be applied by an animal's owner, the owner's representative, an accredited veterinarian, or an approved tagging site. Official identification devices are intended to provide permanent identification of livestock and to ensure the ability to find the source of animal disease outbreaks. Removal of these devices is prohibited except at the time of slaughter, upon the death of the animal at any location, when an area veterinarian in charge replaces a device, or as otherwise approved by the department.