Nebraska Revised Statute 54-2947

Chapter 54


Pre-entry certificate of veterinary inspection; required; exceptions; permits, required when; prohibited acts; department powers.

(1) All animals brought into this state shall be accompanied by a pre-entry certificate of veterinary inspection, except:

(a) Animals brought directly to slaughter as defined in 9 C.F.R. 86.1 to a recognized slaughtering establishment as defined in 9 C.F.R. 78.1, as such regulations existed on January 1, 2020;

(b) Cattle, swine, horses, sheep, and goats brought from the farm or ranch of origin directly to an establishment approved under 9 C.F.R. 71.20, as such regulation existed on January 1, 2020;

(c) Poultry under eight weeks of age accompanied by a VS Form 9-3, Report of Sales of Hatching Eggs, Chicks, and Poults, and classified prior to movement into Nebraska as pullorum and typhoid clean or equivalent status pursuant to 9 C.F.R. part 145, the National Poultry Improvement Plan, as such plan existed on January 1, 2020; and

(d) Animals moving directly to a veterinary clinic or approved laboratory for diagnosis, treatment, or health examination, except that live animals without a pre-entry certificate of veterinary inspection shall not stay in Nebraska longer than the duration of such diagnosis, treatment, or health examination and during such stay shall be separated from other animals.

(2) The department may require that a prior entry permit be obtained for animals if it deems such permit is necessary for the protection of the health of domestic animals in the state.

(3) Except as provided in the Animal Health and Disease Control Act or the Exotic Animal Auction or Exchange Venue Act, no person shall move from a premises any animal which is affected or suspected of being affected with any dangerous disease without first having obtained a permit from the department.

(4) It shall be unlawful for any person to cause any animal to be diverted from the destination stated on the certificate of veterinary inspection except by written permission of the State Veterinarian.

(5) Any animal which does not qualify for entry into Nebraska pursuant to department rules and regulations may, at the discretion of the State Veterinarian, be subject to the department powers outlined in section 54-2940.

Cross References

  • Exotic Animal Auction or Exchange Venue Act, see section 54-7,105.