Nebraska Revised Statute 54-191

Chapter 54


Nebraska Brand Committee; created; members; terms; vacancy; bond or insurance; expenses; purpose.

(1) The Nebraska Brand Committee is hereby created. Beginning August 28, 2007, the brand committee shall consist of five members appointed by the Governor, subject to confirmation by the Legislature. At least three appointed members shall be active cattlepersons and at least one appointed member shall be an active cattle feeder. The Secretary of State and the Director of Agriculture, or their designees, shall be nonvoting, ex officio members of the brand committee. The appointed members shall be owners of cattle within the brand inspection area, shall reside within the brand inspection area, shall be owners of Nebraska-recorded brands, and shall be persons whose principal business and occupation is the raising or feeding of cattle within the brand inspection area.

(2) The members of the brand committee shall elect a chairperson and vice-chairperson from among its appointed members during the first meeting held after September 1 each calendar year. A member may be reelected to serve as chairperson or vice-chairperson.

(3) The terms of the members shall be four-year, staggered terms, beginning on August 28 of the year of initial appointment or reappointment and concluding on August 27 of the year of expiration. At the expiration of the term of an appointed member, the Governor shall appoint a successor, subject to confirmation by the Legislature. If there is a vacancy on the brand committee, the Governor shall fill such vacancy by appointing a member to serve during the unexpired term of the member whose office has become vacant. Any appointment to fill a vacancy shall be subject to confirmation by the Legislature.

(4) The action of a majority of the members shall be deemed the action of the brand committee. No appointed member shall hold any elective or appointive state or federal office while serving as a member of the brand committee. Each member and each brand committee employee who collects or who is the custodian of any funds shall be bonded or insured as required under section 11-201. The appointed members of the brand committee shall be reimbursed for expenses in attending meetings of the brand committee or in performing any other duties that are prescribed in the Livestock Brand Act or section 54-415, as provided for in sections 81-1174 to 81-1177.

The purpose of the Nebraska Brand Committee is to protect Nebraska brand and livestock owners from the theft of livestock through established brand recording, brand inspection, and livestock theft investigation.