Nebraska Revised Statute 54-1169

Chapter 54


Department; complaint; notice of hearing; process; hearings; findings; suspension or revocation of license.

(1) The department may, upon its own motion, whenever it has reason to believe the Livestock Auction Market Act has been violated, or upon verified complaint of any person in writing, investigate the actions of any market license holder, and if the department finds probable cause to do so, shall file a complaint against the market license holder which shall be set down for hearing before the director upon fifteen days' notice served upon such market license holder either by personal service upon him or her or by registered or certified mail prior to such hearing.

(2) The director shall have the power to administer oaths, certify to all official acts, and subpoena any person in this state as a witness, to compel the producing of books and papers, and to take the testimony of any person on deposition in the same manner as is prescribed by law in the procedure before the courts of this state in civil cases. Processes issued by the director shall extend to all parts of the state and may be served by any person authorized to serve processes. Each witness who shall appear by the order of the director at any hearing shall receive for such attendance the same fees allowed by law to witnesses in civil cases appearing in the district court and mileage at the same rate provided in section 81-1176, which amount shall be paid by the party at whose request such witness is subpoenaed. When any witness has not been required to attend at the request of any party, but has been subpoenaed by the director, his or her fees and mileage shall be paid by the director in the same manner as other expenses are paid under the Livestock Auction Market Act.

(3) All powers of the director as provided in this section shall likewise be applicable to hearings held on applications for the issuance of a market license.

(4) Formal finding by the director after due hearing that any market license holder (a) has ceased to conduct a livestock auction market business, (b) has been guilty of fraud or misrepresentation as to the titles, charges, number, brands, weights, proceeds of sale, or ownership of livestock, (c) has violated any of the provisions of the Livestock Auction Market Act, or (d) has violated any of the rules or regulations adopted and promulgated under the act, shall be sufficient cause for the suspension or revocation of the market license of the offending livestock auction market operator.