Nebraska Revised Statute 54-1162

Chapter 54


Hearing; notice.

Upon the filing of the application as provided in section 54-1161, the director shall fix a reasonable time for the hearing at a place designated by him or her at which time a hearing shall be held on the proposed location of the livestock auction market. The director forthwith shall cause a copy of such application, together with notice of the time and place of hearing, to be served by mail not less than fifteen days prior to such hearing, upon the following:

(1) All duly organized statewide livestock associations in the state who have filed written requests with the department to receive notice of such hearings and such other livestock associations as in the opinion of the director would be interested in such application; and

(2) All livestock auction market operators in the state.

The director shall give further notice of such hearing by publication of the notice thereof once in a daily or weekly newspaper circulated in the city or village where such hearing is to be held, as in the opinion of the director will give reasonable public notice of such time and place of hearing to persons interested therein.