Nebraska Revised Statute 54-1161

Chapter 54


License required; application for license; contents.

No person shall conduct or operate a livestock auction market unless he or she holds a market license therefor, upon which the current annual market license fee has been paid. Any person making application for a new market license shall do so to the director in writing, verified by the applicant, on a form prescribed by the department, showing the following:

(1) The name and address of the applicant with a statement of the names and addresses of all persons having any financial interest in the applicant and the amount of such interest;

(2) Financial responsibility of the applicant in the form of a statement of all assets and liabilities;

(3) A legal description of the property and its exact location with a complete description of the facilities proposed to be used in connection with such livestock auction market;

(4) The schedule of charges an applicant proposes for all services proposed to be rendered; and

(5) A detailed statement of the facts upon which the applicant relies showing the general confines of the trade area proposed to be served by such livestock auction market, the benefits to be derived by the livestock industry, and the services proposed to be rendered.

Such application shall be accompanied by the annual fee as prescribed in section 54-1165.