Nebraska Revised Statute 54-1,108

Chapter 54


Brand inspections; when; fees; surcharge; reinspection; when.

(1) All brand inspections provided for in the Livestock Brand Act or section 54-415 shall be from sunrise to sundown or during such other hours and under such conditions as the Nebraska Brand Committee determines.

(2)(a) An inspection fee, established by the Nebraska Brand Committee, of not more than one dollar and ten cents per head shall be charged for all cattle inspected in accordance with the Livestock Brand Act or section 54-415 or inspected within the brand inspection area or brand inspection service area by court order or at the request of any bank, credit agency, or lending institution with a legal or financial interest in such cattle. Such fee may vary to encourage inspection to be performed at times and locations that reduce the cost of performing the inspection but shall otherwise be uniform. The inspection fee for court-ordered inspections shall be paid from the proceeds of the sale of such cattle if ordered by the court or by either party as the court directs. For other inspections, the person requesting the inspection of such cattle is responsible for the inspection fee. Brand inspections requested by either a purchaser or seller of cattle located within the brand inspection service area shall be provided upon the same terms and charges as brand inspections performed within the brand inspection area. If estray cattle are identified as a result of the inspection, such cattle shall be processed in the manner provided by section 54-415.

(b) A surcharge of not more than twenty dollars, as established by the brand committee, may be charged to cover travel expenses incurred by the brand inspector per inspection location when performing brand inspections. The surcharge shall be collected by the brand inspector and paid by the person requesting the inspection or the person required by law to have the inspection.

(c) Fees for inspections performed outside of the brand inspection area that are not provided for in subdivision (a) of this subsection shall be the inspection fee established in such subdivision plus a fee to cover the actual expense of performing the inspection, including mileage at the rate established by the Department of Administrative Services and an hourly rate, not to exceed thirty dollars per hour, for the travel and inspection time incurred by the brand committee to perform such inspection. The brand committee shall charge and collect the actual expense fee. Such fee shall apply to inspections performed outside the brand inspection area as part of an investigation into known or alleged violations of the Livestock Brand Act and shall be charged against the person committing the violation.

(3) Any person who has reason to believe that cattle were shipped erroneously due to an inspection error during a brand inspection may request a reinspection. The person making such request shall be responsible for the expenses incurred as a result of the reinspection unless the results of the reinspection substantiate the claim of inspection error, in which case the brand committee shall be responsible for the reinspection expenses.