Nebraska Revised Statute 53-217

Chapter 53 Section 217


Wholesaler; prohibited acts.

A wholesaler shall not:

(1) Fail to devote such efforts as are required in the agreement between the supplier and wholesaler within the supplier's designated sales territory relating to the sale and distribution of the supplier's brand or brands of beer which the wholesaler has been granted the right to sell or distribute;

(2) Sell or deliver beer to a retail licensee located outside the sales territory designated to the wholesaler by the supplier of a particular brand or brands of beer, except that during a period of temporary service interruption impacting a particular sales territory, a wholesaler who normally services the impacted sales territory shall file with the Nebraska Liquor Control Commission and give to the affected supplier written notice designating the specific wholesaler or wholesalers, not disapproved by the supplier, who will service the sales territory during the period of temporary service interruption and the approximate length of time of the service interruption. Each wholesaler designated to temporarily service a sales territory shall be a wholesaler who has a current agreement with a supplier for the brand or brands affected. When the temporary service interruption is over, the wholesaler who normally services the sales territory shall notify the commission, the supplier, and the wholesaler or wholesalers servicing the sales territory on a temporary basis of this fact in writing, and any wholesaler servicing the sales territory on a temporary basis shall cease servicing the sales territory upon receipt of the notice. A wholesaler who is designated to service a sales territory during a period of temporary service shall not be in violation of sections 53-201 to 53-223 and, with respect to the sales territory, shall not have any of the rights provided under sections 53-218 and 53-220; or

(3) Transfer his or her business without giving the supplier written notice of intent to transfer the business and, when required by sections 53-201 to 53-223, receiving the supplier's approval for the proposed transfer. Consent or approval from the supplier shall not be required for any transfer of the wholesaler's business to a designated member or any transfer of less than control of the wholesaler's business. The wholesaler shall give the supplier written notice of any change in ownership of the wholesaler.


  • Laws 1989, LB 371, § 17.