Nebraska Revised Statute 53-201

Chapter 53


Purpose of sections.

The purpose of sections 53-201 to 53-223 is to provide fair, efficient, and competitive distribution of beer by (1) regulating the termination, expiration, and renewal of distribution agreements between beer suppliers and beer wholesalers, (2) promoting a distribution system in which each beer wholesaler will devote reasonable efforts and resources to sales, distribution, and quality control of the beer it sells, (3) promoting the continued availability of good quality beer for the consumers of Nebraska through orderly marketing and vigorous interbrand competition, (4) preventing a beer supplier from unfairly depriving a beer wholesaler of the value of the investment the wholesaler made in its business in terms of money, time, effort, and skill, and (5) controlling the sale of malt beverages in this state and facilitating the lawful and orderly marketing of malt beverages pursuant to the police powers of this state.


  • Laws 1989, LB 371, § 1.