Nebraska Revised Statute 53-220

Chapter 53


Supplier; violations; compensation to wholesaler.

A supplier that, in violation of section 53-218 or 53-219, (1) has amended, modified, canceled, terminated, or refused to renew any agreement, (2) has caused a wholesaler to resign from an agreement, or (3) has interfered with, prevented, or unreasonably delayed or, when required by sections 53-201 to 53-223, has unreasonably withheld or unreasonably delayed consent to or approval of any assignment or transfer of a wholesaler's business shall pay the wholesaler reasonable compensation for the diminished value of the wholesaler's business, including any ancillary business which has been negatively affected by the act of the supplier. The value of the wholesaler's business or ancillary business shall include, but not be limited to, any goodwill. Nothing in such sections shall give rise to a claim against the supplier or wholesaler by any proposed purchaser of the wholesaler's business.


  • Laws 1989, LB 371, § 20.