Nebraska Revised Statute 53-123

Chapter 53 Section 123


Licenses; types.

Licenses issued by the commission shall be of the following types: (1) Manufacturer's license; (2) alcoholic liquor wholesale license, except beer; (3) beer wholesale license; (4) retail license; (5) railroad license; (6) airline license; (7) boat license; (8) nonbeverage user's license; (9) farm winery license; (10) craft brewery license; (11) shipping license; (12) special designated license; (13) catering license; (14) microdistillery license; (15) entertainment district license; (16) pedal-pub vehicle license; and (17) bottle club license.



  • A nonprofit corporation license is a retail license for the sale of alcoholic liquors including beer. Arrow Club, Inc. v. Nebraska Liquor Control Commission, 177 Neb. 686, 131 N.W.2d 134 (1964).

  • Where statute authorizes granting licensees right to sell all forms of alcoholic liquors including beer, licensees are entitled to sell beer and other liquor in same room, notwithstanding another section declaring public policy in favor of separate sale. Hanson v. Gass, 130 Neb. 685, 267 N.W. 403 (1936).