Nebraska Revised Statute 53-123.01

Chapter 53


Manufacturer's license; rights of licensee; craft brewery license holder; when required to obtain manufacturer’s license; rights of holder.

(1) A manufacturer's license shall allow the manufacture, storage, and sale of alcoholic liquor to wholesale licensees in this state and to such persons outside the state as may be permitted by law, except that nothing in the Nebraska Liquor Control Act shall prohibit a manufacturer of beer from distributing tax-paid samples of beer at the premises of a licensed manufacturer for consumption on the premises. A manufacturer's license issued pursuant to this section shall be the only license required by the Nebraska Liquor Control Act for the manufacture and retail sale of beer manufactured on the licensed premises for consumption on the licensed premises.

(2)(a) A licensee who or which first obtains a craft brewery license pursuant to section 53-123.14, holds such license for not less than three years, and operates a brewpub or microbrewery on the licensed premises of such craft brewery license shall obtain a manufacturer’s license when the manufacture of beer on the licensed premises exceeds twenty thousand barrels per year. The manufacturer’s license shall authorize the continued retail sale of beer for consumption on or off the premises but only to the extent the premises were previously licensed as a craft brewery. The sale of any beer other than beer manufactured by the licensee, wine, or alcoholic liquor for consumption on the licensed premises shall require the appropriate retail license. The holder of such manufacturer's license may continue to operate up to five retail locations which are in operation at the time such manufacturer's license is issued and shall divest itself from retail locations in excess of five locations. The licensee shall not begin operation at any new retail location even if the licensee's production is reduced below twenty thousand barrels per year.

(b) The holder of such manufacturer’s license may obtain an annual catering license pursuant to section 53-124.12, a special designated license pursuant to section 53-124.11, or an entertainment district license pursuant to section 53-123.17.