Nebraska Revised Statute 53-122

Chapter 53 Section 122


Sale of liquor by drink; license issuance authorized; exception.

The commission may issue licenses for the sale of alcoholic liquor, except beer, by the drink subject to all the terms and conditions of the Nebraska Liquor Control Act in all cities and villages in this state, except in those cases when it affirmatively appears that the issuance will render null and void prior conveyances of land to such city or village for public uses and purposes by purchase, gift, or devise, under the conditions and in the manner provided in this section.



  • Percentage of votes required is based on last general municipal election. Allen v. Tobin, 155 Neb. 212, 51 N.W.2d 338 (1952).

  • Funds collected as state license fees are properly distributed for use of all school districts within state and should not be paid over to counties in which liquor licenses are granted. School District of Omaha v. Gass, 131 Neb. 312, 267 N.W. 528 (1936).