Nebraska Revised Statute 50-505

Chapter 50 Section 505


Water Funding Task Force; created; members; qualifications; expenses.

(1) The Water Funding Task Force is created. The task force shall consist of the members of the Nebraska Natural Resources Commission and eleven additional members to be appointed by the Governor. The Director of Natural Resources or his or her designee, the chairperson of the Natural Resources Committee of the Legislature or his or her designee, and five additional members of the Legislature appointed by the Executive Board of the Legislative Council shall be nonvoting, ex officio members of the task force. In appointing members to the task force, the Governor:

(a) Shall seek to create a broad-based task force with knowledge of and experience with and representative of Nebraska's water use and economy;

(b) Shall give equal recognition to the importance of both water quantity and water quality;

(c) Shall appoint one member from each of the following categories: Public power; public power and irrigation districts; irrigation districts; a metropolitan utilities district; municipalities; agriculture; wildlife conservation; livestock producers; agribusiness; manufacturing; and outdoor recreation users; and

(d) May solicit and accept nominations for appointments to the task force from recognized water interest groups in Nebraska.

(2) The members of the task force appointed by the Governor shall represent diverse geographic regions of the state, including urban and rural areas. Such members shall be appointed within thirty days after June 5, 2013. Members shall begin serving immediately following notice of appointment. Members shall be reimbursed for their actual and necessary expenses incurred in carrying out their duties as members as provided in sections 81-1174 to 81-1177.