Nebraska Revised Statute 50-504

Chapter 50 Section 504


Water Funding Task Force; legislative findings.

The Legislature finds that:

(1) Nebraska's water resources are finite and must be wisely managed to ensure their continued availability for beneficial use;

(2) The state must invest in: (a) Research and data gathering; (b) further integrating the management of Nebraska's water supplies; (c) improving the state's aging and antiquated water supply infrastructure; (d) building new water supply infrastructure; (e) promoting coordination and collaboration among all water users; and (f) providing information to policymakers to justify a stable source of project funds;

(3) To determine the costs of effective conservation, sustainability, and management of Nebraska's water resources, the state's identified water needs must be compiled and organized and a process must be established in order to identify statewide projects and research recommendations; and

(4) To facilitate the creation of a funding process, a collaborative effort of experts representing all water interests and areas of the state is important to ensure fair and balanced water funding.