Nebraska Revised Statute 50-1203

Chapter 50


Terms, defined.

For purposes of the Legislative Performance Audit Act:

(1) Agency means any department, board, commission, or other governmental unit of the State of Nebraska acting or purporting to act by reason of connection with the State of Nebraska, including the Office of Probation Administration and the Office of Public Guardian, but does not include (a) any court, (b) the Governor or his or her personal staff, (c) any political subdivision or entity thereof, or (d) any entity of the federal government;

(2) Auditor of Public Accounts means the Auditor of Public Accounts whose powers and duties are prescribed in section 84-304;

(3) Business day means a day on which state offices are open for regular business;

(4) Committee means the Legislative Performance Audit Committee;

(5) Committee report means the report released by the committee at the conclusion of a performance audit;

(6) Legislative Auditor means the Legislative Auditor appointed by the Executive Board of the Legislative Council under section 50-401.01;

(7) Majority vote means a vote by the majority of the committee's members;

(8) Office means the office of Legislative Audit;

(9) Performance audit means an objective and systematic examination of evidence for the purpose of providing an independent assessment of the performance of a government organization, program, activity, or function in order to provide information to improve public accountability and facilitate decisionmaking by parties with responsibility to oversee or initiate corrective action. Performance audits may have a variety of objectives, including the assessment of a program's effectiveness and results, economy and efficiency, internal control, and compliance with legal or other requirements;

(10) Preaudit inquiry means an investigatory process during which the office gathers and examines evidence to determine if a performance audit topic has merit;

(11) Tax incentive performance audit means an evaluation of a tax incentive program pursuant to section 50-1209; and

(12) Working papers means those documents containing evidence to support the office's findings, opinions, conclusions, and judgments and includes the collection of evidence prepared or obtained by the office during the performance audit or preaudit inquiry.