Nebraska Revised Statute 50-1202

Chapter 50 Section 1202


Legislative findings and declarations; purpose of act.

(1) The Legislature hereby finds and declares that pursuant to section 50-402 it is the duty of the Legislative Council to do independent assessments of the performance of state government organizations, programs, activities, and functions in order to provide information to improve public accountability and facilitate decisionmaking by parties with responsibility to oversee or initiate corrective action.

(2) The purpose of the Legislative Performance Audit Act is to provide for a system of performance audits to be conducted by the office of Legislative Audit as directed by the Legislative Performance Audit Committee.

(3) It is not the purpose of the act to interfere with the duties of the Public Counsel or the Legislative Fiscal Analyst or to interfere with the statutorily defined investigative responsibilities or prerogative of any executive state officer, agency, board, bureau, commission, association, society, or institution, except that the act shall not be construed to preclude a performance audit of an agency on the basis that another agency has the same responsibility. The act shall not be construed to interfere with or supplant the responsibilities or prerogative of the Governor to monitor and report on the performance of the agencies, boards, bureaus, commissions, associations, societies, and institutions under his or her administrative direction.