Nebraska Revised Statute 50-402

Chapter 50


Legislative Council; office; duties.

The Legislative Council shall occupy and maintain offices in the State Capitol.

It shall be the duty of the council:

(1) To collect information concerning the government and general welfare of the state;

(2) To examine the effects of previously enacted statutes and recommend amendments thereto;

(3) To deal with important issues of public policy and questions of statewide interest;

(4) To prepare a legislative program in the form of bills or otherwise as in its opinion the welfare of the state may require, to be presented at the next session of the Legislature;

(5) To study federal aid to the state and its political subdivisions and advise the Legislature of money, land, or buildings available from the federal government, matching funds necessary, grants and aids, and what new legislation will be needed;

(6) To establish and maintain a complete and efficient bill drafting service for the purpose of aiding and assisting members of the Legislature and the executive departments of the state in the preparation of bills, resolutions, and measures and in drafting the same in proper form, and for this purpose there shall be assigned to the council for such work, rooms in the State Capitol conveniently situated in reference to the legislative chamber;

(7) To provide, through the Revisor of Statutes, for the publication of supplements and replacement volumes of the statutes of Nebraska; and

(8) To set up subcommittees within the executive board to carry out functions such as investigation of any area which it may decide is in the public interest with power to employ such additional personnel as may be needed to carry out the intent and activities of the executive board or the Legislature.


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