Nebraska Revised Statute 46-638

Chapter 46


Terms, defined; permits to public water suppliers; director; powers.

(1) The Director of Natural Resources may grant and administer permits to public water suppliers: (a) To locate, develop, and maintain ground water supplies through water wells or other means and to transport water into the area to be served; and (b) to continue existing use of ground water and the transportation of ground water into the area served.

(2) For purposes of the Municipal and Rural Domestic Ground Water Transfers Permit Act and sections 46-651 to 46-655, (a) public water supplier shall mean a city, village, municipal corporation, metropolitan utilities district, rural water district, natural resources district, irrigation district, reclamation district, or sanitary and improvement district which supplies or intends to supply water to inhabitants of cities, villages, or rural areas for domestic or municipal purposes and (b) water well shall have the same meaning as in section 46-601.01.


Cross References

  • For additional definitions, see section 46-706.


  • Permittees under the Municipal and Rural Domestic Ground Water Transfers Permit Act are exonerated from the common-law prohibition against transfer and transportation of ground water. Sorensen v. Lower Niobrara Nat. Resources Dist., 221 Neb. 180, 376 N.W.2d 539 (1985).

  • Director of Water Resources is authorized to grant and administer permits to cities and villages to develop ground water supplies. Metropolitan Utilities Dist. v. Merritt Beach Co., 179 Neb. 783, 140 N.W.2d 626 (1966).