Nebraska Revised Statute 46-601.01

Chapter 46


Terms, defined.

For purposes of Chapter 46, article 6:

(1)(a) Water well means any excavation that is drilled, cored, bored, washed, driven, dug, jetted, or otherwise constructed for the purpose of exploring for ground water, monitoring ground water, utilizing the geothermal properties of the ground, obtaining hydrogeologic information, or extracting water from or injecting fluid as defined in section 81-1502 into the underground water reservoir.

(b) Water well includes any excavation made for any purpose if ground water flows into the excavation under natural pressure and a pump or other device is placed in the excavation for the purpose of withdrawing water from the excavation for irrigation. For such excavations, construction means placing a pump or other device into the excavation for the purpose of withdrawing water for irrigation.

(c) Water well does not include (i) any excavation made for obtaining or prospecting for oil or natural gas or for inserting media to repressure oil or natural gas bearing formations regulated by the Nebraska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission or (ii) any structure requiring a permit by the Department of Natural Resources used to exercise surface water appropriation; and

(2) Common carrier means any carrier of water including a pipe, canal, ditch, or other means of piping or adjoining water for irrigation purposes.

Cross References

  • For additional definitions, see section 46-706.