Nebraska Revised Statute 46-303

Chapter 46


Electric light and power system; construction or acquisition by petition; procedure.

In lieu of the resolution of the board of directors and the preparation and submission by the board of plans, reports, and statements as provided in section 46-302, a petition containing and setting forth the data and information required in such section concerning the proposed electric light and power plant, lines, and systems may be presented to the Department of Natural Resources, signed by not less than twenty percent of all the qualified electors of the district. Such petition shall declare that, in the opinion of the petitioners, it is to the interest, convenience, and welfare of the district that the district, under sections 46-301 to 46-315, adopt substantially the plan or method set out in the petition for the establishment, acquisition, and operation by the district of electric light and power plant, lines, and systems. The petition shall contain the affidavit of the person or persons who circulated the same, certifying that each name signed thereto is the true signature of the person whose name it purports to be and that the person is a qualified elector of the district.