Nebraska Revised Statute 46-302

Chapter 46


Electric light and power system; construction or acquisition by resolution; procedure.

Whenever the board of directors of any irrigation district shall, by resolution, determine that it is to the interest, convenience, and welfare of the district that the district, under sections 46-301 to 46-315, purchase, construct, or otherwise acquire, operate, and maintain any electric light and power plant, lines, or systems, whether as an addition, extension, enlargement, alteration, or reconstruction of any site, irrigation works, or other property owned or controlled by the district, or as a plant, lines, or system independent of works or property already owned or controlled by the district, the board of directors shall thereupon prepare comprehensive written plans, statements, and reports setting out the nature, location, and description of the proposed plant, lines, and system, including method or methods of generation or acquisition, the location of transmission lines, the use of other sites, properties, and works already owned or controlled by the district, estimated costs of acquisition and construction, the method or means of financing the proposed plan and project, the amount of bonds, if any, proposed to be issued in connection therewith, and such other data as the Department of Natural Resources shall prescribe. The expense thereof may be authorized by any special meeting or at the annual meeting of such district. Such plans, statements, and reports, including a copy of such resolution, shall be duly certified by the board of directors and shall be thereupon submitted to the department for its examination as set forth in section 46-304.