Nebraska Revised Statute 46-301

Chapter 46


Irrigation districts; establishment of electric light and power systems; powers.

Irrigation districts organized under the laws of Nebraska are hereby authorized and empowered to make application for and secure and hold appropriations of water for the purpose of generation of electric light and power in connection with any such appropriation of water. Any irrigation district now or hereafter organized under the laws of this state is hereby authorized, subject to the provisions of sections 46-301 to 46-315, to acquire, by purchase, lease or otherwise, construct, extend, improve, manage and operate, electric light and power plants, lines and systems, and all machinery, equipment and other property, real or personal, connected therewith or incident thereto; to manufacture, produce, generate and transmit, distribute, purchase or sell electrical energy for lighting, heating and power purposes; to adopt, use and employ in the generation and production of electrical energy, water power, steam power, and any other practicable means or method; to extend any such plant, lines and systems within and without the boundaries of the irrigation district; and to connect, interconnect and operate such electric light and power plants, lines, systems, and service with those of any other irrigation district or districts or with those of any one or more cities, villages, or public electric light and power districts of this state, or with those of the government of the United States.


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