Nebraska Revised Statute 46-1241

Chapter 46


Water well log required; contents.

Any owner of a water well or a licensed water well contractor who engages in an act of or the business of constructing a water well shall keep and maintain an accurate well log of the construction of each such water well. The well log shall be available to the department for inspection and copying during reasonable hours or the regular business hours of the contractor.

The well log shall include the following information:

(1) Legal description of the water well;

(2) Description and depth of geologic materials encountered;

(3) Depth and diameter or dimension of constructed water well and test hole;

(4) Depth and diameter or dimension of excavated hole if applicable;

(5) Depth of formation stabilizer or gravel pack and size of particles if used;

(6) Depth and thickness of grout or other sealing material if applicable;

(7) Casing information, including length, inside diameter, wall thickness, and type of material if applicable;

(8) Screen information, including length, trade name, inside and outside diameter, slot size, and type of material if applicable;

(9) Static water level;

(10) Water level when pumped at the designated rate, giving the rate of pumping and amount of time pumped, if applicable;

(11) Yield of water well in gallons per minute or gallons per hour if applicable;

(12) Signature of water well contractor;

(13) Dates drilling commenced and construction completed;

(14) Intended use of the water well;

(15) Name and address of the owner;

(16) Identification number of any permit for the water well issued pursuant to Chapter 46, article 6, Chapter 66, article 11, or any other law;

(17) Name, address, and license number of any license issued pursuant to the Water Well Standards and Contractors' Practice Act of any person, other than the owner of the water well, who constructed the water well; and

(18) Other data as the board reasonably requires.