Nebraska Revised Statute 46-1240.06

Chapter 46


Variance from rule, regulation, or standard; conditions; injunction.

(1) The department may grant a variance from any rule, regulation, or standard adopted and promulgated by the department relating to the construction of water wells upon proof by a licensed water well contractor or owner of a proposed water well satisfactory to the department that the enforcement of the rule, regulation, or standard would create an unreasonable hardship or be unreasonable, impractical, or not feasible under the circumstances. A variance may be under such terms and conditions and for such time as the department may prescribe. The terms and conditions of a variance may include testing, monitoring, reporting, and additional construction or installation requirements.

(2) A variance shall be limited to the construction of a water well to replace an existing water well.

(3) Any person who owns or operates a water well in violation of the terms and conditions of a variance may be enjoined from continuing such activities. The injunction may include an order to properly decommission the water well.


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