Nebraska Revised Statute 46-1227

Chapter 46


Department; well and equipment standards; adopt rules and regulations.

The department, with the approval of the board, shall adopt and promulgate uniform rules and regulations, in accordance with the rules and regulations adopted and promulgated pursuant to sections 46-602 and 81-1505, for the establishment of standards for the (1) construction of water wells, (2) installation of pumps and pumping equipment, and (3) decommissioning water wells. Such rules, regulations, and standards may recognize differing hydrologic and geologic conditions, may recognize differing uses of any developed supplies, and shall be designed to promote efficient methods of operation and prevent water wells from becoming a source of contamination to the aquifer. Such standards shall be applicable whether such activities are carried out by a licensed water well contractor, a licensed pump installation contractor, a licensed water well drilling supervisor, a licensed pump installation supervisor, or any other person. Nothing in this section shall be construed to require that the department adopt, promulgate, or amend rules and regulations for programs in existence on October 1, 1986.


Cross References

  • Old wells not in use, duty to fill or decommission, see sections 54-311 and 54-315.