Nebraska Revised Statute 45-612

Chapter 45


Licensee; solicitor; violation; conviction; revocation; hearing; order.

Upon final conviction of any licensee or solicitor by any court in Nebraska of fraud or embezzlement or upon final judgment against such licensee or solicitor in any court in Nebraska for fraud or embezzlement or for failure to account to his, her, or its client or customer within the time provided for in section 45-608 or upon the termination of the bond furnished by the licensee under such section without another sufficient bond being substituted therefor, the board shall forthwith revoke such license or, in the case of a solicitor, such solicitor's certificate. Such license shall also be revoked by the board at any time a licensee fails to maintain a regular office in this state in which are kept complete records of all collections and claims handled and being handled by such licensee or at any time the licensee becomes a nonresident of this state or, in the case of a foreign corporation, is no longer licensed to do business in this state. Such license or solicitor's certificate shall also be revoked if after a hearing, as provided in sections 45-613 and 45-614, the board finds that such license or certificate should be revoked.


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Cross References

  • Additional cause for revocation or suspension of license as collection agency, see section 71-3205.