Nebraska Revised Statute 45-611

Chapter 45


Licenses; certificates; expiration; renewal; application; time.

All licenses and certificates issued under the Collection Agency Act shall expire on December 31 following the date of issuance unless renewed as provided in this section prior to such date. All branch office certificates and solicitor's certificates shall continue in full force and effect only so long as the license under which they are issued is in full force and effect.

Each licensee shall, if he or she desires to have his or her license renewed, make application to the board for such renewal on or before December 1 of each year and shall, with such application, furnish the bond required by section 45-608 or furnish evidence of the continuation in effect of the prior bond so furnished and pay the renewal fee provided for in section 45-620.

If an application for renewal of a license is denied, the applicant may appeal from such refusal the same as from the refusal to issue an original license.

Upon renewal of a license, the board shall issue to the licensee a new license or a certificate of renewal of the previous license in such form as the board determines. Upon the renewal of a license, the licensee may, if he, she, or it maintains a branch office, secure a renewal of his, her, or its branch office certificate upon payment of the renewal fee provided for in such section. Such licensee may also secure renewals of his, her, or its solicitor's certificates upon payment of the renewal fee provided for in such section.


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