Nebraska Revised Statute 71-3205

Chapter 71


License; application; criminal history record check; investigation; qualifications; fee.

(1) Any person desiring to engage in the private detective business in the State of Nebraska and desiring to be licensed under sections 71-3201 to 71-3213 shall file with the secretary an application for a license. The application shall be made on a suitable form prescribed by the secretary; shall include the applicant's social security number if the applicant is an individual; shall be accompanied when filed by an application fee established pursuant to section 71-3204; shall be signed and verified by each individual connected with the applicant to whom the requirements of subsection (2) of this section apply; and may contain such information as may be required by the secretary. The applicant shall also submit two legible sets of fingerprints to the Nebraska State Patrol for a national criminal history record check through the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

(2) The secretary shall issue to the person if qualified therefor a nontransferable license to engage in the private detective business as a private detective, as a private detective agency, or as a plain clothes investigator in the State of Nebraska as follows: If the applicant is an individual, the individual; if the applicant is a corporation, each of its individual officers performing the duties of the president, the secretary, and the treasurer of the corporation and the duties of the manager of the business of the corporation in the State of Nebraska; or if the applicant is any person other than an individual or a corporation, each of the individual partners, members, managers, officers, or other individuals having a right to participate in the management of the applicant's business in the State of Nebraska.

(3) The applicant shall be at least twenty-one years of age, a citizen of the United States, and of good moral character, temperate habits, and good reputation for truth, honesty, and integrity and shall have such experience and competence in the detective business or otherwise as the secretary may determine to be reasonably necessary for the individual to perform the duties of his or her position in a manner consistent with the public interest and welfare.

(4) No license issued under sections 71-3201 to 71-3213 shall be issued or renewed to any person who in any manner engages in the business of debt collection in the State of Nebraska as licensee or employee of a licensee as provided in the Collection Agency Act. If any collection agency, or any person in the employ of such agency with knowledge of the owner or operator of such agency, engages in the business of a private detective or represents to others that he or she is engaged in such business, it shall be cause for suspension or revocation of such agency's license as a collection agency.

(5) Prior to the issuance of the license, the secretary shall notify the Nebraska State Patrol, and the patrol shall investigate the character and reputation of the applicant respecting his or her fitness to engage in the business of a private detective. Upon completion of the investigation, the patrol shall notify the secretary of the results of the investigation within ninety days after the date of the application. The license shall be issued by the secretary unless he or she has received within ninety days after the application is made for the license a report of investigation from the patrol stating that the applicant is not of the proper character and reputation to engage in the business of a private detective.


Cross References

  • Collection Agency Act, see section 45-601.